Building a business can be complicated, daunting and stressful. Lothbury’s Start-up Advisory is there to remove as many of these obstacles as possible, allowing you to focus on your big idea.

And we don't just cover the basics...

Investor pitch materials

Development of an investor deck which not only clearly defines an innovative business model, but includes analysis of investor psychology, target market, operational and financial modelling with return on investment tied to achievable exit points for investors.

Ongoing administration

Efficient ongoing administration of your business with our suite of products designed to assist in compliance of statutory and regulatory requirements, shareholder administration and corporate governance.

Risk management

Integration of risk management into strategic planning and provision of sound ongoing advice at any level.


Financial modelling

Robust financial modelling to assist in long-term strategic outlook and business valuation, bookkeeping, month-end reporting and payroll services.

Governance framework

Creation of a clear set of rules and controls in which employees, shareholders, and directors have aligned incentives, including the implementation of a governance framework and provision of essential documents.

Other product functions

We also offer branding & design, product and programme management, as well as execution services for financial and technology businesses if you require a full delivery solution. We have a large network of technology visionaries that can assist in building your business, with AI, robotics, cloud and micro-service architectures core to all our depolyments.

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